Happy “New You”!



Well, it’s that time of year again. You know, when you make New Years resolutions to eat healthier, start a new workout routine blah blah blah! Well, we can give you some easy peasy resolutions that you can actually stick to and are pretty painless!

Here you go:

1.  Clean out that makeup case – Throw away any makeup that is more than 6 months old. Bacteria starts to grow and can cause breakouts and even worse, eye infections. Invest in a makeup line where bacteria cannot and will not grow. We love the Bellapierre makeup line of loose and pressed minerals. Everything from Eyeshadows to blushes to bronzers!

2.  Invest in some brush cleaner – Yes, a cleaner and sanitizer just for your makeup brushes! Every time you use your brushes and stick them back in your case then pull them out to use them again, your putting on old makeup and who knows what else!  With the right brush cleaner, you can clean your brushes with a tissue right after you put your makeup on and they will be clean and sanitized for the next time!  See, I told you it was easy!

3. Put down those tweezers!  Or, pick them up…but call us first! – We love eyebrows. They are what frames the face and shape the eyes. Don’t even think of trying to put eyeshadow over those puppies if they’ve grown down to your brow bone!

It’s actually a pretty quick and painless experience. We use a very gentle hard wax that leaves no sticky residue on the skin and is quite painless…really, it is!  Don’t make us have to “brow bomb” you!

4. Get a gel manicure – If you have not had a gel manicure yet, what are you waiting for? If you do anything at all with your hands, this is the way to go. No drying time, no smudging and no chipping…you can even do the dishes and…no chips…natta, zero, zilch!  Gel nail polish is just that, it is a gel/polish hybrid so it goes on your natural nail, just like polish, but has a hardening gel which is cured under a UV light and stays on (and super shiny!) for up to 2 weeks!

Well, we hope you have enjoyed our “New You” resolutions and look forward to meeting you!  Happy New year!!


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